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Irish League of Credit Unions

Irish League of credit unions
The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU)  is the largest credit union representative body on the island of Ireland.

Founded in 1960 with the aim of providing representation, leadership, co-operation, support and development for credit unions in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the ILCU today has an affiliated membership of 326 credit unions – 234 in the Republic and 92 in the North. Membership of the ILCU is open to every credit union in Ireland.

the goal

The ILCU contacted SenSys Technology in January 2019 seeking information on communications systems. They wanted to explore the possibility of upgrading their existing phone system to a more modern cloud-based IP phone system. There were several driving factors behind their decision including:

Integration with their Microsoft dynamics CRM system.
Remote working capabilities: The ILCU required functionality to allow their staff to work from home and on the road and they were looking to have flexibility with options for mobile softphones, and the option of using a softphone with a headset.
To increase their communications capabilities by bringing voice, video and chat functionality into the one system.
Reducing their call costs on their existing system by moving their call traffic to a VOIP provider.
Fintech – PCI compliant call recording with the option to allow staff to stop and start call recording when a customer gives their card details over the phone.





SenSys Technology recommended the 3CX enterprise solution, a software-based phone & communications system to meet all their requirements and proposed to run 3CX in the cloud using SenSys cloud. The Yealink T41S handset was chosen to replace 95 of their existing phones and the Yealink CP960 was chosen for their conference room. The phones were connected to the cloud using the 3CX session border controller.

3CX ticked all the boxes by giving the ILCU the capability to:

  • Synchronize contacts between their 3CX phone system and Microsoft Dynamics, call journaling to log calls as records in dynamics, contact creation in dynamics when a call is received from an unknown number and finally, click to call functionality to launch calls straight from dynamics using the 3CX click to call browser plugin.
  • Remote working by having multiple different options for softphones including a feature-rich Android and iOS app, a browser-based WebClient and a Windows and MAC-based softphone.
  • Unified communications with voice calls, web conferencing and instant messaging chat built into a single system.
  • Slashed their monthly bills by removing expensive line rental from their existing provider and cheaper calls per minute using a supported SIP trunk provider for 3CX.
  • The ability to allow staff to be able to start and stop call recording as required through the WebClient and softphone at the click of a button when taking credit card details over the phone. Find out more on PCIComplianceGuide.org and Investopedia here.

The Implementation

SenSys Technology implemented the 3CX PBX communications solution including the installation of four 24-port network switches, the 3CX session border controller, 95 Yealink T41S phones and the CP960 conference phone with no downtime by pre-configuring the system to run side by side with their existing system. This included:

  • Importing all their existing extensions into the new system, setting up call queues and ring groups and adding all the relevant staff to the correct call queues.
  • Provisioning each of the 95 Yealink T41S phones with custom speed dials.
  • Designing and setting up their digital receptionist and programming the correct destinations and voice recordings for each option.
  • Adding their on-hold music to all the queues.
  • Configuring and testing all direct dial numbers.
  • User training on how to use the system which was aided by the 3CX welcome email which sends information to each user once their extension has been added and gives each user their extension details including their voicemail details, their WebClient login details and a QR code to make it extremely each to provision their mobile phone apps.

Handsets & conference phone


Yealink handset

Yealink handset

Conference phone

Conference phone


The Benefits


The Irish league of credit unions have been able to transform how they previously interacted with their old phone system and have benefitted by being able to:

Increase productivity with the 3CX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.
Given them complete flexibility for remote working by allowing staff to ‘bring their phones anywhere’ with the 3CX WebClient which is accessible from all popular web browsers and the 3CX Android and iOS apps which are easily set up from a QR code in their welcome emails. This has been critical to their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Reduced their monthly phone bills by removing the cost of expensive line rental.
Increased their communications capabilities through voice, instant messaging chat, video and audio conferencing, all from a single platform.

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