Call Savings For Westport Woods Hotel

Learn how a SenSys voice installed, 3CX enterprise communications / PBX systems facilitate savings for clients Westport Woods Hotel.




Westport Woods Hotel

Westport Woods Hotel & Spa sits on 13.5 acres in the beautiful heritage town of Westport, Co. Mayo. Walking distance from Westport town, the popular hotel and spa is nestled in beautiful woodland.

the goal

Upgrade phone system

Our team paid a visit to Westport Woods to meet with management in order to understand their business. We surveyed their beautiful premises & surrounds, and discussed communications requirements, including items such as:

  • Upgrade to phone system
  • Integration with their preferred CRM / PMS;
  • Remote working capabilities;
  • Increasing communications capabilities by bringing voice, video and chat functionality into the one system;
  • Reducing call costs on the existing system – the option to move call traffic to a VOIP provider;
  • Fintech – PCI compliant call recording with the option to allow staff to stop and start call recording when a customer gives their card details over the phone.




SenSys Technology conducted a bill analysis for hotel management. This comprises of a line-by-line analysis of an itemised bill focusing on mobile minutes rates, service charges, and audio conferencing charges.

Results indicated estimated savings of 47% with payback in under 3 years with further reductions available by reviewing broadband costs with SenSys voice premium fibre broadband.
SenSys voice installs communications / PBX systems for clients in many verticles. Following our discussions and analysis of Westport Woods needs, our team felt that 3CX enterprise solution would best suit the business communications requirements of The Westport Woods Hotel.

Project features included:

  • Running on a server in the hotel
  • CRM integration – most major CRM players including salesforce & Hotsoft PMS integration
  • Website live chat and talk is available within 3CX
  • Video conferencing – 3CX web conferencing and audio conferencing comes as standard.
  • New phones in offices, reception, and spa
  • Use of softphone technology to access calls/communications via desktop or mobile.
  • Integrating existing technology with new by converting analog signals to IP would negate the need to discard existing bedroom phones and place all phones on one new system.
  • On-going support maintenance and success management plans to assist with reporting, training and optimising sales and service uses for the phone system.

The Implementation

SenSys Technology implemented the 3CX PBX communications software solution including the installation of hardware such as cabinets, switches and phones.


Yealink phones and expansion modules equip the team with the functionality to run a busy hotel and spa.

The Benefits:

Key reasons to choose SenSys voice when upgrading your phone systems:

  • Phone system for improving operations – unified communications including chat, text, video, audio.
  • Increasing lead conversion and sales;
  • Work from anywhere with team collaboration tools;
  • We take care of porting your phone;
  • Decommissioning of older systems;
  • Staff training options;
  • No downtime during the changeover.

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