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SenSys Tech designed, installed & maintain a scaleable & flexible IP phone system at Flexi-Fi’s high volume contact centre. Read the case study here.






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humm is a Retail Instalment Payment Plan Facility underwritten by FlexiFi Europe Ltd.

FlexiGroup Ireland is a subsidiary of FlexiGroup with offices in both Australia & New Zealand. They have had their Irish base in Dublin since 2008.

The group offer one product in Ireland. FlexiFi – a retail instalment payment plan facility.

A global business, they operate 24/7 – 7 days per week – via phone and shopping cart integrations on most of their partners’ e-commerce websites.

With the number of retailers on their books and staff numbers growing, this high volume contact centre with over 50 Irish staff, needed to have structures in place to keep up with their plans for expansion.

the goal

Flexi Group Ireland – a large financial services contact centre with approx. 50 users operating to very swift response time service level agreements (SLA).

  • A global business, they offer their retail clients 7 days 24/7 support;
  • Functionality – Needed to be able to accept, monitor, record & transfer calls easily;
  • Financial – wanted to benefit from Savings on licensing model;
  • Integrated wallboard for real-time monitoring
  • Needed easy access to key metrics – Call reporting requirements –
    • logged and journaled into Salesforce along with other key performance indicators (KPIs);
    • Detailed reports of longest wait time and abandoned calls
    • Call back options for customers not willing to wait
    • SLA and Callback Statistics

Issues with existing systems:

The purpose of the new phone system was the restructuring of Flexi’s contact centre.

Inflexible systems – during a period of bad weather (snow) in 2018 where staff were required to work from home, Flexigroup were supporting two independent/unconnected phone systems. A legacy system and a newer digital Salesforce embedded system.

Disjointed systems caused difficulties for operations. One of the main issues was the lack of functionality for transferring calls from one system to the other – even for colleagues working alongside each other. In order to transfer calls, a caller would have to end their call and phone up another line. This led to poor customer experience and poor employee experience.

Additionally, whilst the digital system did integrate with their CRM, they thought they could reduce their costs by reviewing the licensing method with that phone system. A lot of embedded telephony systems offer a per-user or extension based licensing model making it very expensive. Ideally, they would not be charged per extension.




Flexigroup pride themselves on being a fully digital paperless business right through from new hires by the HR department to their sales and customer support. SenSys wanted to match their digital requirement with benefits such as disaster recovery, ‘work from home’ (WFH) / on the road. SenSys needed to design a system to support the sales team/account executives who manage their retail clients.  Integration between Salesforce and phone system for improved customer and employee experience.

  • A lot of embedded CRM telephone systems offer a user extension based pricing model which makes it expensive whereas 3cx have unlimited extensions.  For example, a business might spend 30k on 15 users – that’s in addition to their phone bills;
  • Or for a premium service 15k plus perpetual licence (discontinued);
  • As per Flexi Group policy – there is a company requirement to house their disaster recovery off-site – able to work from home anyway but have a redundancy solution which deploys;
  • Failovers and backups – 3CX enterprise licence comes with failover;
  • Favour use of technology over paper-based communications;
  • Unified communications including – video and audio conferencing, bring your extension anywhere, screen sharing & whiteboarding, live chat integration for WordPress, CRM integrations.

Moving to unified systems

contact centre crm

  •  SenSys were a strategic partner in the planning and risk mitigation of the two systems to the one unified system;
  • Starting with a whiteboarding session for requirements gathering, this enabled discussion among both teams to match requirements to allow for distributed / mobile workforce or work from home functionality;
  • Clearly identify and redirect phone lines;
  • Designing and streamlining the two business phone systems into one IVR system to make it a frictionless customer experience;
  • Project managed by SenSys, the whole business now runs on 3CX – not just the contact centre staff – all other departments use 3CX as well;
  • Not just a phone system, it also serves as meeting, chat, text, [no need for zoom or teams] – add live chat to website, publish webinars, CRM integration;
  • Flexi is continually setting up new retail partners who need training on their systems and processes. Being able to train them using a webinar-style web meeting, leverages the system to save time and costs.
  • Sales staff can easily set up webinars for group training of seasonal staff – making it easier than getting people into one physical location and reducing the requirement and related travel expenses.

schedule a conference

PCI Compliance

3CX offered PCI compliance tools to ensure contact centre staff use PCI compliant practices when taking financial data. Calls can be recorded for legal and training purposes

Record, pause and resume conversations

Agents are trained to manually pause the recordings when card details are being taken and resume when payment complete. Recordings are saved under one recording locally on the 3CX secure server. We advise that only authorised users be given access to the call recordings. This option is available on the desktop soft client, and on the mobile app. For PCI compliance you need to demonstrate that card details are not being recorded, and it should be built into the sales process for agents to ensure that card details are not recorded. SenSys included an additional day of training on PCI compliance, to explain the importance and physically demonstrate this method to Flexi-Fi agents.

Find out more on and Investopedia here.

Equipment – Headsets

Staff received professional Jabra evolve 40 headsets designed for users in contact centres.

3CX is compatible with the newer IP desk phone models, negating the need for businesses to invest in new desk phones from day one.

Flexi Group staff utilized the 3CX owned softphone which is free of charge, with no limit to allow for scaling. 3CX offers Web RTC (Real-Time Communications) for features such as click to call.


SenSys carried out staff training in the weeks leading up to going live;
Prior to the new system software which had to be installed on each individual pc or laptop. This type of set up often faces issues with admin rights to install;
Users have adopted the 3CX WebClient;
Deployment of extension easy thanks to 3CX Welcome email. It explains How to email, use the QR code for provisioning the mobile app on their smart mobile devices;
Easy to do this for staff on the road instantly – 5 mins from receiving a welcome email.

Management & oversight

  • The new system can integrate with other reporting/dashboard systems;
  • Flexi Group system CRM is Salesforce;
  • ID inbound callers for better record keeping and customer experience;
  • Click to call is available from within the Salesforce CRM and through the new 3CX Chrome extension;
  • Contact lookup – information pops up the record in Salesforce;
  • Journals all call activity to CRM – for traceability;
  • Holistic 360 view of each customer – a priority for FlexiFi;
  • Best in class for a leading FINTECH company.

Aftercare with ‘SenSys CARE’

The SenSys support team for FlexiGroup respond within agreed SLA on phone and remote support with a 4-hour response onsite SLA.
Our Proactive support care package is designed to keep organisations running smoothly 24/7/365.

Proactive support keeps technology fully maintained and supported.

Find out more about SenSys CARE


SenSys were able to meet the requirements of a large enterprise-grade contact centre matching the same SLAs as their parent company with 500 staff.

With such a high volume of calls and transactions, this fintech company absolutely cannot afford to be without services and has service level agreements in place with SenSys Tech.

The company benefitted by having these systems established prior to the restrictions for staff and clients implemented prior to Covid-19. So a business with 50 employees, including a contact centre & all reporting systems was able to continue with business as usual even in unexpected circumstances.

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