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Read why SureStone Insurance chose SenSys Technology for expertise in the installation of IP Telephony and web conferencing system.



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Surestone Insurance DAC

SureStone Insurance DAC offers bespoke, specialised insurance products to their clients. With SureStone insurances offices, originally being based in Ballsbridge Dublin and at the time of getting in touch with SenSys Technology were about to relocate to new offices in Sandymount, Dublin.

the goal

The Chief Risk Officer of SureStone Insurance had met with many IP Telephony providers as well as SenSys Technology.

His requirements were to de-commission the existing analogue phone system at the Ballsbridge office and transition to the new Voice Over IP Telephone system in Sandymount. The key was to have zero downtime for incoming calls and to port the existing phone numbers from the old office and old analogue system to the new office and new VOIP phone system. SureStone also required a more modern phone system with call centre features, outlook integration, softphone PC applications and Web conferencing facilities.





SenSys Technology was awarded the contract as the SureStone Insurance Communications and IP telephony partner with our proposed solution; 3CX open standard, on-premise PBX with call centre features. The SenSys team managed the complete transition from the old office to the new office and porting existing numbers from the ISDN lines over to a VOIP SIP Trunk provider with zero downtime. We installed a mixture of softphones on call centre PC’s, traditional handsets and conference room phones. As a bonus, SenSys Technology advised on the best call plans available on the market and saved SureStone 55% on their call costs each year.

Call Centre features:

3CX offers advanced call centre features for maximum employee efficiency and to enhance customer service. With the integrated wallboard for real-time monitoring and detailed reporting on longest call wait time and abandoned calls, call back statistics and an advance callback option for customers or potential customers not willing to wait. 3CX was the ideal solution for Surestone Insurance.

Some of the advanced call centre features include:

  • Round Robin
  • Log agents in and out of call queues
  • Hunt by Threes – Random & Prioritized
  • Listen in allows you listen in on a call without the agent or caller knowing
  • Train new agents during a call with the whisper function

Web conferencing:

One of the major requirements of the new IP telephony system in SureStone was to have a new web conferencing facility for remote staff and to also can hold an instant web conference with customers and partners anywhere in the world. 3CX offered free integrated Web conferencing as part of their 3CX open standard software.

3CX harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser, meaning that participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any software or plugins.

Support SLA:

SureStone Insurance requires complete uptime of their phone system, so have the SenSys PROACT 24/7 preventative maintenance and response agreement with a 4-hour on-site SLA. Using SenSys Technology’s network, hardware and software monitoring tool’s we monitor the phones on the network, the 3CX PBX software and the server. The SenSys network monitoring tools notify the SenSys Technology on-call technical team in the event of a failure or likely failure, this ensures our technical team can pro-actively respond with remote or on-site support keeping the SureStone phone system running 24/7/365.


“We chose SenSys Technology due to professionalism and expertise in IP Telephony. With the SenSys CARE proact on-call service gave me peace of mind knowing they would keep us up and running around the clock. We were so pleased with the support and service that SenSys Technology now manage our Firewall, IT and network – Graham ”

To find out more about SenSys Technology Voice over IP Telephony solutions for your business, please email info@sensys.ie  or contact us on freephone 1800 815 683.

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