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SenSys Tech delivered an end-to-end IT solution including networking and broadband, office tech kit out.





Deane Roofing & Cladding

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Deane Roofing and Cladding is an established leader in the Irish and UK Roofing and Cladding market, with a respected reputation for excellence, reliability and consistency. Established in 1997, Deane Roofing and Cladding have developed a reputation of excellence with a portfolio of satisfied clients throughout Ireland and the UK. Deane Roofing and Cladding is a family owned business, with a strong family ethos built on the philosophy of family involvement. Company philosophy is to ensure that clients are fully supported through all stages of the project lifecycle to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. Deane Roofing and Cladding Limited have an extensive customer base in Ireland and the UK. We have developed and completed many different types of roofing and cladding contracts, our portfolio spans from relatively small value and areas to major multi-million £/€ projects in excess of 40,000 square metres in area. Deane Roofing and Cladding have been completed numerous Industrial Roofing projects in the following areas.

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the goal

On the back of successful growth and expansion, Deane Roofing and Cladding Ltd outgrew their office of 20 years. A new purpose-built building was constructed in early 2020. From the outset, the team at Deane Roofing wanted to implement the best and smartest technology at the new facility in order to optimize their business processes and customer experience.

Located in the West of Ireland, the business needed to ensure high speed, high-quality communications systems including supporting applications for resource-heavy business information modeling systems (BIM) Bluebeam & Rivit, large file transfers and storage, accounting & payroll software

The business invited advice and assistance implementing a coordinated and unified approach to hardware/devices & software, particularly securely accessible file management. Items for review included:

  • integration with BIM, Sage, time management systems
  • Provision for ongoing support and maintenance was required including backups and failovers
  • Internet connectivity issues relating to upload & download speeds required investigating and new solutions






Client Testimonial - Deane Roofing & Cladding

Client Testimonial – Deane Roofing & Cladding

SenSys Technology was able to deliver an end-to-end solution involving expertise from across our group. This included networking and broadband, office tech kit out, conference room technology, CRM phone system & hosting, routers and switches, and managed IT support.

SenSys Tech provide fully managed IT support

  • Fully Managed IT Support
  • 60+ IT Users
  • Migrated to Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft Sharepoint, Teams and Power Apps
  • SenSys Cloud Services
  • 3CX Telephony and Web Conferencing with SenSys Voice
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity.
  • 24/7 Helpdesk


  • 100Mb/s dedicated internet service on 1Gb/s fiber

Office tech kit out

SenSys purchased, installed, and set up PCs, monitors, and mobile devices.

    • Dell 27 Monitors
    • Yealink T41s
    • Jabra Pro 920 headset

CRM Phone System – 3cx & hosting & support

Conference system

Routers & switches

With the building networks complete, and broadband redirected to gain better connectivity, the team installed Meraki routers and SenSys Wi-Fi access points & network switches.

Meraki Firewalls were enabled. The Meraki firewall was paired with the Meraki advanced security licence which adds advanced malware protection and intrusion detection and prevention.

Ignitenet fusion switches and Spark AC wave2 access points.





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