What is VoIP and Why Your Company Should Switch

February 7, 2022
Talking SenSys: Find out: What is Voice Over Internet Protocol? Why should businesses consider VoIP? Why should businesses choose SenSys for VoIP?

1 – What is VoIP

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s the future of business communications. Instead of all business phone calls going through your ISDN lines or PSDN lines all the calls go through your broadband connection. So that means there is only one line coming through the business which is your broadband connection.

So without having so many lines, you reduce your number of lines which reduces your phone bill by reducing your line rental.

With broadband speeds increasing, and VoIP becoming more widely adopted – few years ago, you know, before 2010, where fibre wasn’t rolled around most of the country, VoIP was unreliable. Whereas with the introduction of e-fibre into most areas of the country and dedicated broadband, it just makes sense to use your broadband connection for VoIP whilst saving at the same time.

2 – Why Should Businesses Consider VoIP?

Well, in complete honesty, businesses in the next five to ten years are all going to have to move over to VoIP. The end of IDSN lines around Europe is finishing in the next few years, with Ireland for 2025. So that’s one reason, you know, to move with the times.

Another reason is, as I mentioned previously, about reducing your line rental, is it reduces the cost of your monthly so we save businesses on average around 60% per month

3 – Why Should Businesses Consider SenSys for VoIP?

All businesses in Ireland should consider SenSys for VoIP because we can tailor our solutions to the business needs.

We provide ‘on-premise’ solutions with features such as – being alerted to abandoned calls. We can schedule ‘call backs’.

We also can provide solutions for businesses with multiple sites so instead of deploying hardware on each site, we can deploy ‘hosted’ telephony where all you are having is a physical phone on each desk, connected to your broadband router, connecting to a cloud server.

As I mentioned previously, businesses save, when they look at VoIP, around 60% with the SenSys model, so another reason for moving to VoIP is if your system is out-dated we always try and achieve a return on investment in three years for all customers who move to SenSys.

Another reason to move to SenSys, We can guarantee you will never miss a call again.

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